Rack Mounted Hydrogen Generator

For GC Fuel Gas and Carrier Gas Applications

Applications: GC-FID / NPD / FPD/ TCD / THA and Carrier Gas

This range of AiroGenĀ® Rack Mounted Hydrogen Generators from IATT use the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology to produce pure hydrogen from distilled or deionised water by hydrolysis. They are ideal for GC Fuel Gas and Carrier Gas Applications.

The Benefits of Using Hydrogen as Fuel Gas

  • Eliminates inconvenient and dangerous hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory. Increases the accuracy of analyses and reduces the cleaning requirement of the detector.

The Benefits of Using Hydrogen as Carrier Gas

  • The use of hydrogen as a carrier gas allows lower temperature elution, thus extending the life of the chromatography column. Hydrogen as a carrier gas is faster and more sensitive than the more expensive helium. Run time savings of 25% to 35% without a decline in resolution. Rack mounting saves space on the workbench.

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  • Patented electronically controlled gas/water separator.
  • LCD touch screen showing in real time H2 pressure, H2 flow rate, desiccant cartridge saturation %, water quality, water level, and status of the system with auto-diagnostic in case of alarms.
  • Canister filling mode enable filling of a large canister to a pressure of 16 bar to enable portable GC field applications.
  • Auto refill water tank is standard for most of the range.
  • Remote PC monitoring in standard via RS232 or RS485 to interface the unit with PC software.
  • Capable of working in parallel mode.
  • Internal water tank level of 1.2L electronically controlled (when needed it is filled from an external tank automatically by a single tube).

{ High purity analysis grade gases for improved performance

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