Laboratory Gas Generators

Generate high purity laboratory gases onsite for all of your laboratory analytical applications. AiroGen® Onsite Laboratory Gas Generators offer a safe, easy to use, economical and efficient technology for high purity H2, N2 and ZERO AIR analytical grade laboratory gases on demand - High Purity Gases where you need them when you need them without the need for gas cylinders. Laboratory Gas Generators IATT offer a comprehensive service which includes the selection of the correct Laboratory Gas Generator for your analytical needs together with the compressed air supply and pre-treatment required. We offer turnkey projects which provide you with a ready to use system with the minimum of disruption to your laboratory services.
Modular Design AiroGen® Modular Design Laboratory Gas Generators from IATT can be stacked to form compact gas station solutions depending on your requirements. Combinations are available for single and multiple laboratory gas generation applications. High Purity Hydrogen Generators and Hydrogen Generators

Using hydrogen as a GC carrier gas increases analysis speed and sensitivity when compared to helium and nitrogen. As H2 requires lower elution temperatures, when used as a carrier gas it improves column service life.Applications: GC-FID / NPD / FPD / TCD / GC-Carrier Gas / GCMS / ICPMS / Collision Cell / THA and Carrier Gas.Nitrogen Generators - Laboratory and High Flow

Increased laboratory efficiency with a constant and guaranteed flow of instrument grade nitrogen. Use of N2 improves instrument stability and gives greater reproducibility of results.Applications: LC/MS / GC-Carrier Gas / GC-FID, NPD, ECD, AED / NMR / Dichroism Circular / ELSD / Corona / ICP / COT / Sample Evaporation / XRD / MP-AES) / LCMS / Solvent Evaporation / ELSD Detectors / Corona Detectors.Zero Air Generators

The low and constant hydrocarbon content of Zero Air helps improve baseline stability of combustion detectors and reduces the frequency of recalibrations.Applications: GC-FID, FPD, NPD / THA / Gas Sensing / UZAG / Electronic Noise / TOC / FT-IR.Onsite Laboratory Gas Generation - BenefitsThe range of IATT Onsite Laboratory Gas offer significant benefits including:
  • High Performance with High Purity Gas Generation
  • Improved Analysis Results
  • Easy to Use and Operate
  • Innovative Design with Unique Modular Concept
  • Cost Effective and Space Saving
  • Reliable, Accurate and Functional Control
  • No Hazardous Gas Cylinders Required
  • Quiet and Safe to Use
  • Rental and Finance Options Available
Responsive MaintenanceIATT provide Rapid Responsive Maintenance programmes for your Compressed Air Supply, Air Treatment and Laboratory Gas Generation equipment. Our team of factory trained engineers are located throughout the UK and will always ensure to minimise laboratory downtime. Maintenance ContractsIATT offers a range of Maintenance Contracts to cover your compressed air treatment and laboratory gas generation systems. UK wide services by our factory trained engineers include spare parts, system function/upgrades and integrity checks.Air & Gas Systems - Turkey InstallationsTo complement our range of Onsite Laboratory Gas Generators, IATT also supply, Gas Mixers, Gas Blenders and Gas Metering Systems, Gas Analysers.We also install Compressed Air Supply Systems, Filtration, Air Treatment Equipment, Additional Products and Services – Complete Turkey Installations throughout the UK. S u p p l y - I n s t a l l - S e r v i c e Independent Air Treatment Technology Ltd.
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